Sunday, 30th Sep

Not sure how many people might make it out on Sunday morning of a long weekend but a few of us have confirmed we will be at St Ives track for a bit of a drive around and if we get enough starter/ interest we will happily sort people into some races and have a low key day.
Looking to get things set up between 9.00 & 9.30am Sunday. I will be taking my SCT, 4wd & 2wd to shake the cob webs off due to no running so far in Sept.
Hope a few of you can make it down for a relaxed run.

20th May cancelled

Hi all,

Sorry for the late notice but no Racing at St Ives tomorrow 20th May as St Ives show is on.

Organisers have not been friendly in the past re us trying to set up when the show is on.

I didn’t realise till a few members let me know.

Maybe everyone head out to Castlehill as the just did their jumps again so should be good.

Will let you know when we can race again at St Ives.

No racing Sunday 15 April

Due to the efforts and time by the committee re the recent NSW Club Series round at St Ives, we will not be racing this coming Sunday.
Instead we will look at racing the 5th Sunday in April (the 29th)
Please note: the 1st Sunday in May is the NSW Club Series round at Maitland.
Hence we will not be holding a race meeting that Sunday either.
So please look at attending either the 5th Sunday in April or the 3rd Sunday in May.
These will be confirmed closer to the dates.

Racing at St Ives Sunday 8th April

Thanks to everyone who turned up for practise today.
And thanks to all in the club who have helped with track work and timing for practise etc.
Special big thanks to James who has put it hours making the jumps, prepping the surface by hand and applying the molasses.

Ok business of tomorrow.
We have decided to go for a couple of heats of 2wd stock with 11 in a heat keeping us at 13 races in a round rather than pushing out to 14 races in a round.
Maybe there will be some no shows which will help.
Both mod 2wd & mod 4wd has gone to 3 heats but should initially only have 7-8 people in each qualifier heat. These guys need more space so good if a little less of them in each qualifier race.

Please refer to the RC Tech thread re NSW club Series 2018 for event guidelines esp. the need for AARCMCC control motors in 2wd stock & 4wd stock.
Junior stock is 17.5 but does not have to be an AARCMCC motor (can be if you have one).

Food. We have catered for about 50 breakfast rolls.
And have 50 snags and 20 pies for lunch. When I ordered these a week or so ago entries were much lower.
We will do what we can re getting more on the day if it looks like some of you might go hungry.

We will have some tea and coffee. But not sure you will need it as the day will be warm. Bring a cup if you are a real fan of the hot drinks.
We have some foam cups if others want.
Will have cans of cold drink ($2) and bottles of water ($1)

There is a Colour Fest event on the main arena tomorrow. It should not affect us as it starts at 11am but there will be a fair few people around and music playing.
We will do our best to try to keep everyone informed via the PA system, but we may have competition.

Please try to keep aware of what races are on and when you might be up next. We have a lot to get through.

Please park on the asphalt and pit on the gravel on the drivers stand side of the track.
We would like to have some space for people to enter the gates to the track and to the BBQ area which will be near the shed.
You can park and pit on the grass at the ends and far side of the track.

Track will not be open for practise Sunday am.
We plan to start racing at 7.30am.

I will try to review the heats and group some faster guys together, but I will be honest up front.
I don’t know everybody and can’t seem to find the 2017 CS Drivers Results.
Plus, there have been some who have moved up to mod (or down to stock) and quite a few new names which I am unsure of where to place.

Finally try to have fun. We are adults racing model cars. Only the Junior stocks get a medallion tomorrow.
The rest in bragging rights so let’s have a good day of competition in the right spirit.