Club Series Round 1 at St Ives, 8th April

Entries for Sunday the 8th are filling up nicely.

Hoping a few more mod guys can make it.

Go to NSW Club Series website to enter.

DO NOT try to enter on the St Ives website.

We have decided to leave the jumps out for anyone who wants to practise during the week. Please note they are made for cars to drive on so please don’t walk on them and please ask anyone you see walking on them to stop doing so.

Take a blower if wanting to practise during the week. Track runs clockwise but it will be obvious as the wooden jumps can only be approached in one direction (although I am sure some goose may try to find a way…)

Thursday afternoon the track will be closed as we plan to apply more molasses.

Friday the track may be needing a bit of attention but I will update you re if we will be doing anymore prep work.

Saturday there will be practise and the track will be prepped by St Ives committee members. Times to be advised.

Sunday we plan to start at 7.30am. Drivers briefing 7.15am

We will be doing a breakfast roll on the BBQ at about 9am and will do BBQ sausages on rolls for lunch. There will be tea & coffee, plus cold drinks. May even have some pies.

Was good to see a few people on Sat just gone out getting in some practise.

AGM and racing, Sunday 4th Feb

Reminder re we plan to hold a race meeting and our AGM this coming Sunday, 4th Feb.

In the past we have raced the 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month.
In 2018 we may race only 1 Sunday a month to try to get people to support 1 meeting each month at the club and allow you to spend some other time with family and/ or friends or checking out what other clubs do on a race day.
We are waiting to get confirmation of the NSW Club Series rounds. It is looking like St Ives will hold the opening round for 2018, probably on the 8th April. If so we will endeavour to hold race meetings on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of March and probably April as well.
I will try to put together a likely calendar of club race days as soon as I can.
Hope to see as many of you as possible come Sunday.

Racing, Sunday 3rd December

Looking at Racing at St Ives on Sunday the 3rd of Dec. Will have to see if the predicted rain for Saturday does or doesn’t happen. If not much rain Saturday we should be good come Sunday as the track is pretty dry . This will likely be our last chance to hold a race day at St Ives for 2017 as there is the X Ray race at Castlehill on the 17th. So get your entries in online. Click here to enter online.

Sunday, 15th Oct

We will look at holding a race day this coming Sunday if there is enough interest. Enter on the clubs website and we will determine if we should go ahead Sat evening.

Nationals warm up event is on a Maitland so some may want to use the chance to check out that track if racing at Nationals.