Racing, Sunday 1st Oct

Just had notice that St Ives will have enough committee members around this Sunday for a race day. Weather should be good and track will be hard and dry. Get entries in via the link above. Racing should start around 10am. Track open for practise etc from 9am (it is open earlier but may not have been cleaned off etc but could well be).
Anyone new to the hobby and who has been practicing/ running a few laps on the track would be welcome to come along and join in. And if you tell the Race Director that it is your first event, there is no entry fee for you.

No racing at St Ives this weekend, 2nd July

No racing at St Ives this weekend. Even though it is the 1st Sunday of the month, the committee has been very busy for race meetings at St Ives over the past 2 weekends and need to reconnect with families or just relax.

Next planned club race day will be the 16th July.

Anyone wanting to have a run or practise at St Ives can do so over the weekend. A few new members were building/ completing buggies so hopefully you can give them a test run.

Anyone wanting to race will have to head to Castlehill for the 1st run on their remodeled track.

Reminder also to anyone with vintage or classic buggies (or re-release buggies) on the 6th August we will be holding a dedicated vintage/ classic buggies race day to ‘remember’ the 1989 Worlds, held at St Ives, This is an event dedicated to the only time Australia has hosted the 1/10th off road worlds. People will need a pre 1994 buggy or re-release version of similar.
More info to follow.

St Ives Club Series Sat 25th June

Hi all,

This Saturday the track will be open for practice from 11am onwards. We will be doing track work in the morning to get ready for Sunday.


BBQ lunch is organised as well as bacon & egg sandwiches for those who missed breakfast. Will bring a kettle and some coffee/milk/sugar for the addicts but might be an idea to pack a mug.

Drivers briefing at 7.15am, racing to commence at 7.30am.

Hope everyone has a good day.